Monday, May 5, 2008

Throwing Stocks Like I Throw my Babies

Did you happen to catch the crap the Huffington Post put out this week on the dropping of babies ritual?

[From The Huffington Post]

When babies can get brain damage from being shaken hard, you have to wonder if someone should step in and tell them that some traditions are best left in the past. This is crazy, and just because something is a religious practice doesn’t mean it should be allowed. Nor do I buy for one minute that no babies have been hurt. I’ve bet some have suffered minor neck and brain injury given how far they’re falling.

These Huffloonies as I call them are racially profiling a whole country based on the practice of a few. These are ignorant people that are ignorant of our diverse culture. Maybe if Arriana had been dropped of a three story building a few times she wouldn’t be so radically insane. She allowed the following comment on her site:

What do you expect from a third world toilet like India - primitive cruel race” – BadgersBite

Funny, that’s my same sentiments regarding the Huffington Post. These same HuffLoonies approve of abortion yet they are SHOCKED by a baby being dropped into a safety net. In fact, most of these Huffloony pedophile priests have been putting the drop on young children for over 69 years. I'd rather be dropped from a building than dropped from behind.

You can see the video using this link:

The baby dropping practice is actually a way to separate the strong from the weak. The strong go on Badgers hunting expeditions and the weak start blogs like the Huffington Post. When I was dropped off the building when I was a kid, I actually landed on my two feet

Now if you been following the stock market as of late you know the Sensex has been dropping faster than these babies, but the market is about to bounce back up so be prepared to catch it. None of the babies are getting hurt, but Mini-j tells me his ego is because his Bollywood Babes are ignoring him due to his reduced net worth. I told him to drop the cry baby act and get on with his Hungama deal.

- You're not anyone until you've been dropped - R. Jhunjhunwala

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