Saturday, February 28, 2009

Because Of Kasab :A POEM

When people lose their jobs,

The Americans call it a recession,

In India recession is caused by extremism.

Extremism leads to terrorism.

Terrorism leads to illegal immigration.

Illegal immigration caused Kasab to come to India.

Because of Kasab, India is in recession.

Because of Kasab this guy lost his job:

And this guy:

And this guy:

The recession causes job loss not only in India,

But also in places that are not India.

In Pakistan this guy lost his job because of Kasab:

And This guy

Many people hate Kasab but some people like him.

Because of Kasab,

This dude got a promotion:

At first he was doing FINANCE,

Now he is doing HOME,

The task of the HOME is to repair the Taj’s DOME.

Because of Kasab this dude also got a promotion:

First he was minding EXTERNAL AFFAIRS,

Now he is doing FINANCE,

One day he hopes to be the PM.

This of course depends,

Because if the sick PM,

Becomes a healthy PM,

Then the temporary PM cannot,

Be permanent PM.

The PM was fine,

He said “The nuclear deal is mine”,

“A few more months and once again the chair will be mine”.

But then Kasab came by boat:

Everybody got a headache,

But the PM developed heartache.

They put him in the hospital,

The PM got a heart BY- PASS,

Thanks to his by- pass Chidu and Pranab

Also got a free BY- PASS.

They said “Thank You Madamji”,

But the PM said “Don’t Thank Madamji”,

“It is because of Kasab that you have by- passed me”.

Now Kasab is in jail,

He would like to be out on bail.

In our country companies need the bailout

While the criminals also want the bailout.

If you are a company man then you might get a BAILOUT,

If you are a criminal then you might be OUT ON BAIL.

But if you are a politician like Pappu:

Then not only will you get money for bailout,

But also money for being OUT ON BAIL.

Kasab has to learn this,

He wished that the Lashkar,

Could teach him this.

Because of Kasab ,

The JUDGE has to read 11,000 pages,

Because his Charge Sheet contains 11,000 pages.

I am wondering if the trial will be over,

By the time the Judge finishes reading 11,000 pages,

Or will the Judge himself be over?

By the time he gets through 11,000 pages.

But thanks to Kasab,

And all those pages,

I have become richer,

Because I invested in paper.

Because of Kasab ,

The candle makers are happy,

Thanks to all the depression,

The sales have picked up even in the recession:

Now where Kasab is,

That’s where all the high security is,

If they had put that security at India's Gateway,

Then our country wouldn’t have to go through fate's terrible way.

Because of Kasab,

Mumbai burned,

This baby’s parents died:

My country cried,

And all I got in return was this stupid poem.

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