Friday, November 7, 2008

Deve Gowda IS Greater Than Barack Obama

Trying to understand this has been very hard. The entire world is happy that Barack Obama is the next President of the United States. The media monkeys are jumping for joy.

I fail to understand what the gallata is all about but I can sense the media’s excitement. The Americans make a big deal of absolutely everything. Clearly they don’t know what a real election is.Only 1 out of two people could have won the presidency of the US. It could only have been John McCain or Barack Obama. So the media asking questions like ‘Who Will Be the Next President’ is total bullshit.

If the Americans want to make a big deal about an election, they should do it here in India because in our country anyone can be Prime Minister;Sonia Gandhi,Manmohan Singh,LK Advani,Rajnath Singh, Narendra Modi, Prakash Carrot,Mayawati,Chiranjeevi,Syed Shahbuddin, Lalu Yadav, Pappu Yadav,DP Yadav,Venkaiah Naidu, The Guy From The Surya Bulbs And Tubes Ad,Udit Narayan,Sania Mirza,My Milkman,……Anyone.

The difference is that our Prime Ministers don’t need to work as hard as Obama to become the boss of the country. We believe in simple solutions. Another example of the India Story.

Barack Obama worked way too hard to become the President. He should have learnt the Indian way to be the leader of a democracy from the experts like Deve Gowda.

For the past 2 years Obama ran around all across America. He went from state to state and gave speech after speech for 12 hours a day. He said ‘We Need Change’. The American Beggars Society threw coins at him. That’s how he got his campaign money:

Deve Gowda on the other hand went to a party meeting just for the free snacks and before the meeting was over became the eleventh Prime Minister of India:

Barack Obama shook people’s hands, greeted them and said nice things:

Deve Gowda was sleeping:

Barack Obama was on TV every night debating important issues trying to convince people to make him the next US President:

Deve Gowda was sleeping:

Barack Obama made fancy speeches and used big words like democracy, freedom, Bin Laden, etc:

Deve Gowda was sleeping:

Barack Obama is a moron because he exhausts his body by standing for hours giving speeches:

Deve Gowda always sits down and gives speeches:

Barack Obama gave away a free T-Shirt every time somebody gave him $30:

Deve Gowda dressed like this:

Barack Obama will spend the next four years framing economic policy, managing the Iraqi war and dealing with Russia:

When he was PM, Deve Gowda massaged his lower lip and tried to guess the number of stars in the sky:

Obama will spend hours and weeks trying to rectify the problems of his country. His team will find every possible solution to solve a problem and if that fails Obama will accept responsibility for the failures of his administration.

Deve Gowda never worried about these things.Whenever something went wrong in the country,He simply pointed to the opposition and said “It’s Their Fault”.

Barack Obama promises to kill Osama Bin Laden:

Asked what he would do if he found Osama; Gowda dug his nose and said “We Will Hand Over the Case to the CBI.”

Obama may be the next President of the US but he knows nothing about leadership like Deve Gowda. Deve Gowda is a man of action.

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