Monday, September 28, 2009


Neeraj Roy is a meditative + deep thinking + contemplative corporate, just look at the picture.

He’s currently in the process of trying to introduce the latest videogames on Hungama Mobile.

Yes, Yes don’t act surprised, I truly am everywhere including the Board Of Directors of HUNGAMA Mobile, It is yet another company I hold a huge stake in.

Neeraj Roy runs Hungama Mobile under my instructions. Me being a Young Indian, I want Hungama to be in touch with the Youth of the country. Being an avid connoisseur of Cigars and Whisky I also enjoy playing Videogames on my Different gaming consoles.

I have entrusted Neeraj with the task of introducing newer videogames on people’s mobiles. So far Neeraj has been working hard. However I am particularly interested in bringing to Hungama Mobile this latest offering from Reliance Videogames and EA Sports. CHECK it out, this game absolutely kicks ASS!!!!


The Story: In the beginning of the 21st century, a universe shattering discovery is made in the KG Basin. Deep in the Bay of Bengal the milky way’s biggest ever reservoir of tailpipe produce or GAS is found. In time the discovery becomes public in the now leaked government report called Fish Ass Residue Tissue or F.A.R.T.

Two billionaires deploy all their available resources to colonize the basin and succeed. Only one block known as the D-6 now needs to be colonized. The fate of human kind depends on the D-6 block .He that controls it controls the entire stench in the world. He who owns D-6 will become the undisputed king of the GAS.

Reliance Video Games presents in association with Electronic Arts, voted as “Game Magazine’s Best Videogame of the Year ”.


That’s right! You’ve seen the courtroom hassles; you’ve read the reports and even bought the Ambani gas fight T-Shirts. Now take your experience a step further by playing GAS FIGHT –the video game.

*Play in single player mode as Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani!

*Over 999+ tantalizing levels of never ending adjournments, hearings and court dates!!!!

*Unlock special characters like Elton Chigumbura of the Zimbabwe Cricket Team!!

*Play in the latest 3D CGI Animation, watch the gas fly in real time and slow mo,buy the game now and we’ll give you the secret F.A.R.T key to unlock flying fart combo moves in super slow mo!!

*Use the coolest weapons in the Ambani gas fight, based on the real life story, bombard your enemies with the newest super duper smash EXPLOSIVE AFFIDAVIT ROCKETS & the new SFG786 COUNTER AFFIDAVIT LAUNCHER! Use explosive Tailpipe exhausts to literally blow your opponents away!!!!


* Play in various game modes such as Ambani Gas Saga, Ambani Gas Row and Ambani Gas Dispute!

*Experience fully authentic Indianised ‘Maa Ki Mamta’ feelings with Kokilaben! Even more real than Rakhi’s Maa Ki Mamta feelings in bollywood movie Karan Arjun!!

*Exercise third party control with the NTPC Mygasalso Robot!!

*Design your own production sharing contract!

*Play in numerous settings including the Bombay High Court, The Petroleum Ministry and the ultra radical dungeon of death-The Supreme Court!!

*ALSO play in multiplayer mode, choose from a wide range of characters like RNRL's Ram Jethmalani:

*Government Of India's Mohan Parasaran:

*RIL's Harish Salve in women’s clothing and argue away your gas claims and counter claims!

*Stick your nose where the gas is with the Murli Deora smelling machine!!!

*Additional Features Include:-

*!!The exclusive playable demo of the new Reliance videogame – My Wife’s Plane: Customs Duty Waiver Part 2!!

*Order today and get the free SP Tulsian Buy Reliance Because Reliance Is A Good Companyhandbook!

*Free coupon to attend one courtroom hearing in the real life Ambani gas fight!!Make it a family trip, bring your kids along as well!!

Who needs Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or even Half Life? Move over GTA and World Of Warcraft.

BUY GAS FIGHT the video game today!!

*Rated 5/5 stars by some guy!!

Suitable only for players of 16 and above.Contains mild innuendo,fowl language and lots of violence. Parental discretion is advised.

Pre-order GAS FIGHT today and get a free an NTPC Mygasalso miniature robot. Offer valid till stocks last.

Available in stores from October 12, 2009 on PC, Sony Playstation, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

GAS FIGHT the video game!!

Warning :Playing Videogames May Cause Seizures In Some Cases, Consult Your Physician For More Details.

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