Monday, September 21, 2009

PIGEON HEADS II-When Enough Bodies Don't Hit The Floor

No matter how many defense companies I invest in I will be dissatisfied. Not because I don’t get fantastic returns from them but because I have to invest in them in the first place.

Consider the recent row speculating the success of the Pokhran II Nuclear test. Sometimes we just need to support our government whether its lead by the Congress or the BJP.We can criticize them every other time and there will be enough opportunities to do so – trust me on that.

Someone tell our lice eating,constipated,burrow dwelling journalist monkeys, with massive inferiority complexes who’ve been running their mouths off about the Pokhran II nuclear tests being a ‘failure’.

Perhaps our good carriers or creators of public opinion can get their heads out of their asses and just listen to what they’re actually saying.

These guys are unhappy that the Pokhran 2 Hydrogen bomb gave out a yield only of about 25 kilo tons as against the claim of 45 kilo tons.Thanks to scientist R.Santhanam who confirmed this, the people of India have now a new opportunity to be angry at their government for.

And if they don’t get angry there are enough technically correct characters who will write enough articles in enough newspapers and talk to more than enough news channels and say that Pokhran II was a fizzle and these news channels will make enough money from enough SMS’s asking if ‘India has a credible nuclear capacity or not’.

If these guys think 25 kilotons is a small thing then maybe I should just bundle all their fat asses, haul them to Pokhran and drop the very same hydrogen bomb on them that they’re so pissed off about.

After their carbon composed carcasses resurface in the earth as diamonds, I’ll float a ‘Pokhran Diamonds Mutual Fund’ and make another boatload of cash.

1 ton is a thousand kilograms and a Kilo itself signifies 1000.Here’s where I lose my patience….right

25 kilotons makes us a country without a credible nuclear capability but 45 kilotons makes us a superb nuclear country.

The bomb that America dropped on Hiroshima in 1945 killed more than One hundred thousand people. That bomb produced a yield of 15 kilotons.

The bomb on Nagasaki was slightly bigger and produced a yield of 21 kilo tons but because Nagasaki was sparsely populated ,compared to Hiroshima about 80,000 people died though that bomb could have wiped out more than ten lakh people in one shot.

Our bombs are still bigger than this and we have a whole mega stockpile of these things and unlike Pakistan which ripped off old Chinese discards and branded them as their own nuclear capability, our scientists built our bombs from scratch.

But we’re unhappy that our bomb cannot KILL more than Five hundred thousand people in one go. We want one which can kill five hundred thousand people in one go and if we don’t have one the good media can brand Pokhran II as a ‘DUD.

Nobody seems to protest the fact that we haven’t built something that can save 500,000 people in one go.

But when we DON’T build something that can kill 500,000 people in one shot, all hell breaks lose.

The best way to protect yourself from someone who has nuclear weapons is to get your own nuclear weapons and we did that but because they came only in the ‘small’ and ‘medium’ sizes instead of the ‘large’ size, the government of today and yesterday is accused of lying and misleading.

Now thanks to the media everyone knows including those we made these bombs to protect ourselves from in the first place!

The same thing happened during 26/11 and when one guy wrote about it, all of a sudden he was the ‘bad guy’.

Sometimes the media should just know when to shut the hell up because some things must never be blown out of proportion whether it’s 45 kilotons or 25 kilotons. There is something called STRATEGY after all. For the nation’s sake some secrets must be kept.

In 1998 the world saw the biggest fireworks show on the planet, don’t forget that.

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