Wednesday, August 29, 2007

India: The Empire Strikes Back

All my life I’ve waited to see India hit back at the rest of the world and now it appears to be happening. India will become the world’s largest superpower because our youth population is so overwhelmingly larger than those in Red China or the spoiled brats in the US. I keep telling the stock broker wanna-be’s at the BSE to preach Sensex 25,000 to all who will listen. We need to keep this market rollin’.

The damn press keeps calling me the Warren Buffett of India like I am his pet or something. Warbuff as I call him, doesn’t understand technology much less India so why am I being compared to him? OK so the guy is a big philanderer errr… philanthropist so he’s not all that bad. But he gave most of his money to the wealthiest guy in the US to spend. Now what sane person would do that? Warbuff is like well if I can’t be richer then Gates then why not surrender and give him all my money? Somebody ought to check his mental health.

What’s going on with this Gphone rumor I heard. I can guarantee you that it’s not being launched in India because no one has given me a piece of the action. I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just gotta pay the elephant you know? If it isn’t coming soon, someone ought to call me to get the Gphone here. If India needs a hero, I am willing to step up.

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