Sunday, January 20, 2008

Inside Information on India Business

I have received a large number of tips regarding players in the market and hot stocks. I enjoy receiving this information and encourage you to send me anything of interest. I especially like to break big financial stories here in India and live up to my reputation as the first person to know everything. It's not easy staying on top!
Thanks again for sharing.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Another Company, Another Good Investment

Ahhh. Another day, another few million dollars. This company is an excellent investment and soon others will buy in by the millions. Watch this one go up, and up...Link Here

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Can the good times last?

People have asked me if India's roaring economy and rising market can last. The article above asks the very same question. We know that all economic trends are cyclical, but some economies are in an upward movement. The United States is a great example. Their economic trend has moved upward for the last 100 years. Since the industrial revolution the American stock market is a powerhouse that simply keeps rising - much faster than inflation. Why can't India's economy do the same? I know it certainly can. Inside the numbers are simple common sense, but inside history there is the true lesson. India is an economic powerhouse. It has been awakened. Soon India will become a world power, and we must be ready.

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Real Wealth in a Man's Life

I watched a program today on being rich and famous. They showed me the homes, the food, their cars and everything else. As a rich man myself, I want people to know that your real wealth is in your family, your children and all the things you can't buy. Sure, I love being rich and powerful, but I was powerful before I became as wealthy as I am today. You have to be rich inside before you are ever rich outside. The love in my life has no monetary value. That's the love of my wonderful loved ones. For that I would trade all the money in the world. Money is easy - I make it everyday. You can afford to lose it. You can always make more. You only get one lovely family like I have. Treasure the love in your life. You only get it once.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bettering Our Future Through Our Youths

If you take a look at our world, we can change it. If we want to truly inspire our youth, we can do it. I took a look at this company and decided to better our community through job prospects for young people. As the global economy grinds away, our kids will have to step up if we are to become global leaders. This program was very important to me and I hope you can also see that an investment in our kids today is an investment in our future as a nation. I am hard in my viewpoint of investing in India's stock market. My views are even more hardened in my beliefs about our youths. We simply must build them into the world's most educated labor force for the next 50 years. India will be a world power, and we simply must be ready.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I always knew I'd be rich....this is why...oil hit $100 a barrel today and I was prepared..

The reality that oil hit $100 a barrel today really struck the world. I always knew oil-based economies where not where we need to go. My link makes it simple. I invested heavily in ethanol and with good reason. A country like Brazil is thriving and oil-based economies will begin to create a global threat for others in the coming years. Ethanol derived from sugar is a renewable high-powered energy resource that can change our lives. Investment is about being on the curve of quick thinking, not dragging your feet and waiting for someone to show you the way. One day oil will go to $150 a barrel. Then what will you do? These factors only underscore the obvious. I am a genius.
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