Sunday, September 16, 2007

Warning Stealing Electricity May Lead to Your Death

My investment in A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services is getting a lot of attention as of late. While the company is not public, I plan to prod the fresher Amit Mittal to get it listed asap. I have given him a Faustian Bargain of sorts in order to secure his future and that entails making me money of course.

Since A2Z is in the power transmission and distribution business, the government has asked A2Z to come up with a comprehensive plan to identify and discourage would be electricity thieves. That's going to send the IPO soaring, right? Well we know the deal will happen because we run half the government.

Naturally I am getting inundated with requests to “hook up” my friends and associates with free power, but 50% is stolen along the way so I can’t accommodate. Everyone on the BSE has their assistants calling me to get them a free link. I even got a letter from the Chinese Embassy here in town but I can’t seem to read it. Can anyone decipher it for me? Or if the Chinese Embassy is reading this please respond in a language I understand.

勤務日数/ 1週間  労働時間/ 9時間  給料/ 50円以上  
仕事内容/ 人妻のお相手です。(性行為を含みます) 女性1人3時間×3人 のお相手をして頂きます。
条件/ 体力のある方



Speaking of language I understand, since our thief avoidance plan includes a “shock” warning system and immediate termination of electricity to said thieves, I may invest in the newly
emerging life insurance companies of India. I mean, I may as well profit from the thieves’ stimulating demise.

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