Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Economic Times Gets it Wrong

Why is the media always screwing up my quotes. They don’t get me and they still don’t get how I operate. They are like the proverbial cobra that bites you whether you call it cobra or Mr. Cobra. Anyway the Economic Times wrote this article on me which made me look like I was unruffled from the Sensex downturn. I wasn’t unruffled, I always look unruffled! That’s how a sexy man dresses.

And I hate when they mention my smoking because I’ve told my wife and daughter than I am quitting. They made at least 5 references to my smoking habits in this article.

They quoted me incorrectly here as well; “I don’t advice anybody. I don’t manage anybody’s money. I manage my wife’s money because I don’t have a choice.” First of all they used “advice” instead of “advise”, second they left off, “and if I did have a choice, I wouldn’t manage her money because when the market is down, so is our lovemaking” at the end of this quote.

Moreover I do have rules for investing you twits, if I didn’t have rules it would be called chaos. The Warren Buffet cheap shot was un-called for, I didn’t say I admired Warbuff, I simply said his style was interesting, but that the bugger was getting too old. Did you like the quote about Warbuff that they got right though? The one about “don’t insult the great man by comparing him to me”. Who do you think I was referring to when I said “great man”?

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