Sunday, September 9, 2007

How to Ruin a Government

Well the people at Reliance and Spencer’s must be relived to see the farmers organizing and trying to reopen the stores in Uttar Pradesh. The farmers are upset and organizing a protest against the ridiculously stupid Mayawati Government.

A thousand farmers organized the formation of a human chain to wrap around the proverbial necks of the Mayawati government to cut off their corrupt practices.

"It was the state’s misfortune that some undesirable people managed to convince the government that both farmers and common public were not in favour of the new policy" said the farmers.

Notice how the farmer’s spokeperson used "undesirable" to describe the crooks who convinced the government to shut down the stores. Ironic isn’t it?

Speaking of undesirable, Can some kind soul please take pity on little me and explain why it's important that the government continue to run India’s food supply chain? Can someone also check the carbon 14 date on the Mayawati government’s business policies and tell me why they are still allowed to arbitrarily enforce stupid decisions like the shutting down of Reliance and Spencer’s stores?

This is a world in which India is engaged in a monumental struggle against feeding its people and we shut down direct access to it? The old Asian saying, "No money, no life," is applicable here and is not an exaggeration. The farmers have been poor for far too long. Depriving them of direct access to the markets is an absolute crime.

- Rakesh

The only bull who carries his own china shop with him.

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