Thursday, September 6, 2007

Read this before Friday

I love when the markets fall precipitously and the lemmings bail out of the market like their houses are on fire. You see, this is where the wise man invests. When it looks the bleakest and your knees are too weak to stand up, the strong and the faithful put their money in at the bottom of the market. The India growth story is a real one. There will always be ebbs and flows, but the market direction will be up. In fact, I have commanded it to do so and have ordered the stock market gurus to follow suit. Therefore expect Sensex 25,000 to happen in the next few years' folks, you heard it here first.

Some other free advice while I am on the subject. Stop listening to your friend the stock picking loser. He can pick a winner in a bull market (who can't?) but when the boat springs a leak, you're the one drowning.

So what do I do? I ignore the damn market like the fools at Ignore the petty changes in the market and focus on the larger picture. India is a freight train heading down hill... no one, not even Laloo can derail it.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
Super Hero Investor

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