Saturday, September 1, 2007

Government jobs and money trees

That is of course unless you become a government official. Why is it that the majority of the rural population want to work for the government? I can say with certainly that in the other democracies this career path is usually the least coveted. The average government official is paid far less than the IT worker and the job couldn’t be more monotonous. Let’s just say that in government comes privilege and influence. Far more than you see in other democracies.

Let’s say you have a couple of tickets to the most prestigious cricket match in India and are anxiously awaiting the date because you happen to get some great seats. The day of the match arrives and you are stopped at the gate because the tickets somehow became useless. That somehow turned out to be Vijay the local Governor who reprinted and gave your seats away so that he could impress some fly-by-night Bollywood actress.

Let’s also envision a scenario where Kapil is pulled over by the police for driving erratically and hitting a pedestrian. Well Kapil is a modest fellow and doesn’t reveal to the policeman that his father used to be Mumbai’s Mayor so the policeman takes him for a little ride to the station for examination. The officer walks Kapil through the station when the Commissioner of Police recognizes Kapil and asks him why he is at the station. Kapil retells the incident and before he finishes the story Commissioner so-and-so has smacked the offending officer and beat him to the floor.

Membership has its privileges.

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