Friday, September 7, 2007

Trading around the Crore

Ahh, the banks are getting caught stealing and I don't hear the uproar. When I deposit a cheque into my account it clears immediately or I have the banker fired. These banker morons are obsessed with taking the carried interest due us and will stop at nothing to squeeze as much as they can. I wouldn't mind if the bankers will just admit to being the gutless, indignant bastards that they truly are; what really irritates me is the unmistakably pretentiousness they exude while they really seem to believe they're helping us by shoving these high interest loans down our throats.

Most bankers hate all people with less than a crore net worth. They hate the poor because the poor cause all the problems like loan defaults and missed payments. If bankers had it their way, they'd torch the accounts of the most vulnerable and toss them and their 100 rupees back into the street. Ah, but then there may be some bad press and well, they don't want the visibility - see.

Trust me, the people won't fight these abuses. They'll shut up and take it. And these banker weenies will be living in bigger houses and dreaming up more ways to steal our money because the people won't protest. Just wait and see.

R. Jhunjhunwala

- The only bull who carries his own china shop with him.

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