Monday, March 26, 2012

The Legend Returns

For the past 4 months, I’ve been like a Tiger. Peering silently through the high grass, observing the wildlife as the different species have been going about their daily lives without a care in the world. The zebras have been running around, the gazelles have been sipping gently at the water pools. The hippos and the rhinos have been grazing. The giraffes have been plucking the leaves out of the tall trees .The vultures continue to scavenge. The whales munch on the plankton in the ocean. Dolphins play gently squeaking like chew toys and everyone else just carrying on unaware of what has been unleashed.

Shankar Sharma is back.

The bad brown bear of the stock markets long done serving his one year ban from SEBI has resurfaced .The cheeky fellow has started to make TV appearances putting on a new face, one of a reformed, changed man. Now the others might believe that Sharma is indeed a different guy, one who has changed for the better after his ban but I know Sharma better than anyone else and you can't teach an old bear new tricks.

Sharma can keep preaching till the cows come home and smile his dental package all he wants for the cameras, yapping his gums about the Indian Economy but I will never buy it.

Sharma and I are enemies, that’s a well known fact. Sharma thinks he is not only my enemy but also my arch nemesis. The anti thesis to everything I am. The anti matter to my matter. The negative to my positive. The Good Day Chocolate Chip Cookie to my Parle Hide and Seek. Heck, the Stardust to my Filmfare. What Sharma fails to understand is that while I consider him to be an enemy, I don't consider him to be my arch nemesis simply because the only one capable of beating ME is ME alone.

So Sharma can delude himself that he is my arch nemesis but in reality he can only muster enough to be an arch, like this one:


For the sake of drama and fun I’ll even say Sharma is like the Joker and I am Batman not because Shankar is as evil as the Joker but because he is a clown and a joker.

Now that Sharma and his sidekick wife Devina Mehra aka Crazy Kung Fu Hair Lady (A Woman Whose Hair Makes That Thing On Sonu Nigam's Head Look Like The Taj Mahal )

are back to their devious ways it is but natural that my recent sabbatical too come to an end. For the past few months I’ve been taking a break, spending time with my family, My Mom, Wife, The J twins Aryaman and Aryavir and My little princess Nishtha!

I’ve been celebrating my darling wife Rekha's and My 25th Wedding Anniversary.

Doing other things like watching my diabetes, expanding my philanthropic nature by doing kickass Nobel prize winning charity and spending time at my ultra mega super duper fantastic excellently excellent pinnacle of luxury posh Lonavala resdidence.

But now that Sharma is back, it is time for the guardian of Dalal Street and overall greatest person ever in the history of history, THE SEXY BEAST, THE GINORMOUS BULL, THE CRUSHER OF FOES, THE FOLDER OF TOES, THE RHYMER OF FOES WITH TOES, THE UNDISPUTED SEXIEST PERSON OF ALL TIME, THE GREATEST OF THE GREATS, THE KING OF KINGS, EMPEROR, RULER AND OVERALL F*CKIN GOD OF AWESOMENESS (I’M TALKING ABOUT ME) to also make his return from sabbatical.


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