Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SHANKAR SHARMA - You Can't Fool Me!

My heart is filled with joy. Well it’s actually filled with blood but if I were to designate the heart as an organ within the human body that were to denote the feeling of love and unbound happiness then I would consequently say that joy is the overwhelming emotion that fills my heart (even though in reality my heart is filled with blood and not joy).In fact it is not possible to fill the heart with joy unless someone were to surgically remove the heart and place the letters ‘J’,’O’ and ‘Y’ in exactly that order. Even then the heart will be filled with the name of the word that indicates joy and not the feeling of joy.

Therefore Yash chopra has learnt two important lessons today:

a) His face resembles the face of Spiderman.

b) It is impossible to fill the heart with joy therefore stop saying the same damn thing in your lame ass movies over and over again you PENCIL HEADED BALD FREAK.

For those that haven’t heard my arch enemy named SHANKAR SHARMA has just been banned by the Securities and Exchange Board of India also called SEBI from trading on the Indian stock markets for one whole year.

WHOOPEE !!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!+!!

When I first heard this bit of news I decided to celebrate. Immediately I put on my most expensive white shirt and pair of grey trousers and danced to the hit Tamil song Manmatha Rasa.Check it out:

But that’s when it hit me. Shankar Sharma is once again messing with me.

As a bear he does not want to spend a single rupee of his clients' hard earned cash in this stock market. Not at a time when the Americans are calling it a recession.

He simply wants to save all his money and start investing a year later when the markets will be much better.

That’s the reason why he got himself banned by the SEBI for one whole year, the stupid shit.

During this one year he’ll take a holiday and spend his millions(I have billions)vacationing in the West Indies with his wife CRAZY KUNG FU HAIR LADY and make ‘guest appearances’ on CNBC-TV18.

It’s a superb plan and it will work if not for me.

I’m going to make sure that Shankar Sharma is DE-BANNED by SEBI and that he gets back to making ridiculous stock picks immediately.

What he doesn’t realize is that Great Bulls (like me) need to kick the asses of bears (like him) so that the rest of the world knows why the bulls are great, more importantly why I’m great.

How can I prove my genius if my genius cannot be compared to the lameness of Shankar Sharma?

Shankar Sharma is my complete opposite except he’s less sexy than me, less intelligent and poorer than me.

I’m like BATMAN and he’s the JOKER. I’m Mulayam Singh and he’s my Mayawati. I’m Sachin Tendulkar and he’s Shane Warne. I’m Harbhajan and he’s Andrew Symonds.


Life for me is complete only with my AMUL STAR VOICE OF INDIA.

I need my ‘Star Voice of India’.I’m going to make sure that SEBI removes his ban immediately.

At the end of the day the only guy allowed to ban Shankar Sharma is ME.

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