Thursday, April 3, 2008

US Credit Crunch effecting India?

I'm sick - just sick of the US and European media causing widespread panic amongst their own public. Now it's beginning to spill over into the Indian markets which is causing me some big losses. I wish these fear mongers would stick their own markets and stop the Chicken Little routine. My real estate investor friends are finding it harder to get commercial real estate loans in India now all because the little banker lemon heads are pointing to how sour the US and Europe real estate markets have become.

Yesterday, I gave a talk about the benefits of portfolio concentration or in other words have a few eggs in your basket and watch that basket! However if the basket is being torn to shreds by a cantankerous media, the eggs begin to break.

My Fan Club

A certain Vijay Kishanlal Kedia claims to be a student of mine. "Whenever I make an investment, I take advice from Rakesh,” said Kedia. “As an investor, I am trying to copy Rakesh. I am just 1 per cent of him in knowledge, wealth and the contacts, but I take inspiration from him,” Kedia said.

While I appreciate the sentiments from Mr. Kedia, I believe he's riding my ever lenghtening coat tails. I'll take the compliments, but don;t use me to further your own profile sir!
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