Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala's new Sidekick

No not the phone made famous by the tramp Paris Hilton, my new fund manager in waiting Rajiv Agarwal. I call him Mini-j because he substandard to me in brains and in looks. I have basically given him all the crap work I don't want to do and he's happy to oblige so I figured why not? I'll blame him for all the screw ups instead of taking them myself in the past. Mini-j is a bright kid, but those morons at Accenture screwed up his head, especially after the Arthur Anderson implosion. I plan to test out Mini-j's fortitude and nerves by having him audit my wife's expenses.

Mini-j has made a huge investment in Hungama Mobile and has risked his albeit small reputation on the company. If he proves wrong, he will have wasted a lot of my money, and if he proves right I will of course take all the credit. I mean that's how it works.

The first time Mini-j made the pitch for Hungama to me I thought he was more interested in impressing the Bollywood girls with his play for the company. Then I found out he was serious and had to pay attention. I figured it's probably a waste of money but then again we'd get access to the Bollywood crowd and for once Mini-j seemed to provide some value to me. If he's not making me money then he damn well better be introducing me to hot girls.

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