Thursday, April 24, 2008

Muk-hays is slacking off, He makes me think, and I hate that

I like Mukesh. Out of love for his money I call him Muk-hays. Muk-hays’ greatest achievement is simple. After daddy died he fought with his brother Ha-nil and broke the empire apart. Why was that good? Simply because I made an ass load of cash buying and selling Rel-hiance stuff. I made way more after the empire broke than before it. It is a totally different matter that I was in fact the one who poisoned that knuckle head to break things off with his annoying little brother Ha-nil in the first place.

Muk-hays has been busy the past few days trying to negotiate with my best friends in Kuwait. He’s trying to set up a refinery that refines polypropylene. What that basically means is that I manipulated Muk-hays into facilitating the manufacture of another organic compound that I can then use into causing a war very similar to the way I manipulated that bird brain George Bush into kicking Saddam’s ass and stealing all that oil and giving me most of it, which I sold to Muk-hays and Ha-nil for a ca-zillion Euros.

Muk-hays hasn’t been trying hard to get the deal done. The Kuwaitis are finding it difficult to pierce through his buffalo brain. Muk-hays should be concentrating all his efforts into making me richer .He’s instead trying to cheer his loser cricket team with an even more of a loser name ‘The Mumbai Indians’. Every single time that team plays I find him sitting on one of the seats in the stadium scratching himself all over. Worse his wife seems to bring the required anti –itch cream just so that he can continue to scratch and itch.

Doesn’t he know his responsibilities, it’s not to scratch and itch. It’s to make me rich.

Now his time is getting diverted by that jackass wrapped in a moron-Vijaypat Singhania. Who is that dufus? He’s the chairman of the IIM A. He wants to bring in an order that would allocate more power to the chairmen of the IIM’s.

This worries me simply because Muk-hays is the chairman of the IIM-B. If he got more power as the chairman he’d have to spend more time discussing imaginary problems in addition to what brand of underwear the chairmen should wear. It’s a very tight brotherhood…….of similar underwear wearing impotent clowns.

If all his time goes into cricket and underwear then when is he going to find time to do the things I need him to like ironing my 60 inch lungis and polishing my diamond chains in addition to making me even more rich.

Looks like I’ll have to take matters into my own hands. I’ll stop by Muk-hays’ house tonight and bash him with an electric fly swatter till he regains his senses and then I’ll fly to Singhania’s house and bore him to death with my tales of wealth and braiding arm pit hair. I’ll then flush him down the toilet like the cheap punk ass turd that he is.

That should hopefully set things right and Rakesh will continue to make even more than before.

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