Thursday, August 21, 2008

India Shining,A Big Boss Initiative

The Late Pramod Mahajan must have been alive to see the tremendous strides our great country has made since his death. His own campaign of ‘India Shining’ that cost the NDA the elections the last time may have been paraded around frivolously but today that campaign is a reality, the country is indeed shining.

The country is shining because Pramod Mahajan’s son Rahul Mahajan took it upon himself to make India shine on THE BIG BOSS TV Show. It is because of Rahul that the country has come to know the problems of extremely important people like Monica Bedi.Women across India have learnt how to be the girlfriend of a dreaded underworld gangster thanks to Monica. They have also learnt that India is a very forgiving country.

We truly practice Non-Violence. Which other country would embrace the love of one of the men who was responsible for killing so many in the Mumbai blasts of 1993?

Which other country would offer employment and a truckload of cash to someone who racially abuses one of our own.

India’s politicians are no longer dishonest. They strive to achieve social equality at any and all costs. Congress leader Sanjay Nirupam has decided that the Big Boss house is a better venue to do that instead of the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly. Because having 32 cameras follow your every movement from morning to night can once and for all prove that our politicians don’t take bribes.

Sherilyn Chopra is a role model for today’s women. Young women demand answers and transparency. Sherilyn propagates this by wearing transparent clothes. Young women are respectful and pay tribute to their elders after being inspired by Sherilyn’s tribute to Hema Malini in her latest music Video Dard-E–Sherilyn.

She refused to take part in Big Boss because the bloody producers refused to put cameras in the bathroom and toilets. Sherilyn suspected that Nirupam would be bribed in the bathrooms where there are no cameras. However her spokesperson said that she wanted Cameras even in the toilet because she wants everyone to know that even her FARTS are sexy.

If she goes to the toilet in the BIG Boss house, India will shine and experience Dard-E –Sherilyn.

That segment will be exclusively sponsored by the Ambani brothers who are fighting for gas.

Some of our leaders want reservation even in reality shows.10% reservation for Dalits.This profound idea was demonstrated by Mr.Athawale who strongly protested Nirupam’s entry into the show but not a member of his own community……namely himself. Dalit entry into Big Boss is more important than inflation .This man realized that which is why India is shining.

India is shining because two athletes have won medals.Sushil Kumar won a wrestling Bronze at the Beijing Olympics while Vijender is assured of a medal in boxing. Though why the nation is surprised is amazing.

The Sports Minister and the Indian Olympic Association always knew that we’d win medals in these events because our superiority in beating people up has always been excellent.

Many boxers and wrestlers have trained under the supervision of Leela Karan Sharma who heads the Amaranth Sangharsh Samiti.He teaches our athletes to win medals. The government provides its own policemen as sparring partners.

Why are we so angry always, Can’t anyone see India Is Shining?

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