Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jindal Economics (Bobby-J Guest)

The tide is turning in the US. A deep red republican tide that will overwhelm the Obama administration and throw ultra-liberals like Arianna Huffington into the deep dark cave in which she belongs. This week they attacked me because I was trying to support the US President Obama. I don't agree with Obama most of the time, but we should at least give him a chance to fail. Normally, I’d simply arrest anyone in Louisiana that was associated with these outrageous Huffington comments, but this time I may let them sink themselves.

In my speech last week, I was asserting Dick Cheney’s remarks about keeping the US safe from terrorists but also chastising him for not giving Obama a chance. I do feel strongly about protecting the US (Mumbai was another wake up call), and as a US – Indian I’ve got double the reasons to be concerned. Moreover, 12% of the terrorists released from Guantanamo have gone on to commit other terrorist attacks and Obama nor the press is covering this fact. Someone like me needs to stand up and issue the warning signal.

As for my investments in the US for Mr. Jhunjhunwala. I am looking for opportunity in Louisiana, but since the big Hurricane Katrina real estate has spiraled downward. Our economy is still in shambles and tourism is only now returning. I have invested in a series of for profit ventures for Mr. Jhunjhunwala Louisiana style, but my henchmen haven’t been able to collect as much as I’d like.

As for my bid to be President in 2012, I am collecting money from all over the US in order to finance the campaign. I will seek support from India when the time is right. My republican friends see me as the next great hope for the party and therefore the money is flowing easy.

Once I become President, Mr. Jhunjhunwala and I will start to change important US-India relationships like banning the name SHANKAR SHARMA; allowing anyone of India descent to enter the US without a passport; sending all of India’s poor Obama stimulus checks (taken from India’s rich of course); and importing India’s creative corruption practices (to supplement Louisiana’s). Most importantly, I’ll start firing US missiles into Pakistan on a regular basis in order to wipe out the wacky ultra radical terrorists.

How’s that for US anti-terrorism policy Huffington?

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