Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm Taking Some Time Off

I’ve taken some substantial losses in the market recently and I need to concentrate on keeping my wife happy (e.g. creating more wealth). She has expensive taste and I’m finding her happiness tends to fluctuate with my portfolio. She’s also complained about my weight so I am officially starting a weight reduction program to get me into fighting shape.

Don’t fret dear readers as I have asked a few of my associates to guest blog for me. In fact, my US spy Bobby Jindal (Bobby-J) will be filling in for me while I am gone. Bobby-J acts as Governor for one of the most corrupt US states (Louisiana) and is well versed on American issues.

You’ll miss me, I'll miss you wise asses too. OK, I lied, but none of you have made me any money and that’s what you’re supposed to be doing right? You’re poor and I am rich, and you are just waiting for me to drop a hint as to my next investment. Well the truth is that none of you are worthy yet, and none of you have given me any inside information that I truly use.

So now I must leave you temporarily, not for long, but long enough to lose a few pounds and reclaim my position on the Forbes 1000 list. Enjoy my guest bloggers and remember to be polite.

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