Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Why Ajit Pawar Is a Lot Like Urine

This is the photo of a great man.Take a good, hard look.

This is what he said :

I have therefore decided to make a comparative analysis of the hon-her- able Ajit Pawar and the salty end product of protein metabolism in vertebrates called urine.


Ajit Pawar

Human waste product
Universal waste product

Described by many as 'piss'
Described by many as a 'Piece of shit'

Color - varies from transparent to shades of yellow
Changes color according to political environment and climate

Created by excretion process
Created by election process

Dull,non-living thing not helpful to farmers
Lifeless product which expects farmers to use urine

Thriving ground for bacteria and disease
 Thriving ground for corruption and insensitivity

Associated with  waste products like crap and vomit
Associated with waste bodies  like RR Patil and Sharad Pawar

Longer it stays in the body the more pain and discomfort it causes
Longer it stays in the country more pain and discomfort it causes

Foul smelling + acidic
Foul talking + acidic

Conclusion : Urine does not have a mustache.

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