Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chinese Chit Fund

God bless the Chinese. A few days ago our great neighbor walked into Ladakh across the border and restarted the border problem.

I think they erected a hakka noodle shop. When the government told them to go back to their side of the border they said "No, Because We Are In Our Territory".

By the way according to the Chinese everything marked in red on this map is their territory.


And everything marked in red on this map is also their territory.

So technically they have not crossed any border and are in their territory only. The only part of the world which does not come under their territory is this part.

 And that’s because the Chinese are scared of her.

Didi is busy saving her party people from a chit fund scam.



This chit fund is one among many -it funds in India. Some of them are.

Ch*t fund - this is a fund used to take care of ch*tiyas :

Pit fund - a fund used to give compensation to families of babies who fall into borewell pits


Tit fund - this is self explanatory 

Hit fund - used to kill cockroaches like these 

And these

Kit fund - a fund that refurbishes all cricket bats in this guy's cricketing kit after he breaks them during a rampage

And finally,

Himmat fund - a fund that provides relief to all those victims who died after watching 

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