Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Gamla Aunty & Shiv Kumar Mishra!

When I started writing My Secret Journal ,I did so to inspire people so that everyone in the Universe is awe struck by the Literary Excellence I pour forth on my wonderful Secret Journal!

And when a Top class + high quality + 5 star writer + one of my favorite bloggers, the Great Shiv Kumar Mishra who writes the blog Shiv Gyan and tweets @mishrashiv is inspired to emulate me,my satisfaction is increased massively at the joy of being able to spread my glory.

Shiv infact puts forth his awesomeness in this post which you people are ordered to read :

If you do not know how to read Hindi then I demand that you learn how to read Hindi and then immediately read Shiv Kumar Mishra's ass kicking of Jyoti Kumari who as we all know is a pot lover!

I am glad to know that Shiv also shares some of the same Genius that I invented! Shiv might in fact even be that guy people refer to as the Fake Jhunjhunwala.


" I always knew Shiv Kumar Mishra would kick Jyoti Kumari's Ass by taking super duper flower pot shots at her.I never doubted it for a minute. "

Much Thanks, Shiv :-)

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