Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Naxalite :A Poem

The Naxalite

Is always up for a fight.

Why is it that despite all our might,

We cower in fright?

The approach is to always sit tight.

The whole of 2008 we dealt with terrorists.

The whole of 2009 we seem to be dealing with the Maoists.

This time they hijacked a train


Tomorrow it will be a plane.

How many more have to die in vain?

How much longer will India have to deal with this pain?

This one is a writer:

Should one even listen to her?

Just because she has a Man Booker?

Let her throw a hissy fit,

Tell her to stay in her poisonous pit.

Everyone knows she’s full of shit.

What is wrong with her types?

Can’t they see what’s right and what’s wrong?

Has some false sense of righteousness filled their crack pipes?

Something they use to keep getting high with their bong?

The government’s prime approach is to “condemn”

Or better still “strongly condemn”

They prefer it be handled by the Police,

But those guys are equipped the least.

You saw what happened during 26/11.

The terrorist used the AK-47,

While the policeman used the rifle,

The terrorist wasn’t even troubled a trifle.

How can you expect such a one,

To fight the Naxal who cares for none?

Oh sure you’ll give him money for the machine gun,

From twenty years that money is only going towards the MP’s fun.

Even under the eyes of Madam Ji,

Raja is making crores of the spectrum fee.

Of course it’s wrong to use the army,

Even if the Naxal continues to harm me.

For you it’s about support,

Didi has helped to make your UPA fort,

To get rid of the communist,

She sided with the Maoist,

And drove away the industrialist.

Now her hand is being bitten,

By the redheads led by Kishen.

All the killing ,

And blood spilling,

Has not had an effect,

Are you a eunuch with a defect?

Have your balls fallen off?

How much longer will you tolerate the Naxals scoff?

If you were Mahinda Rajapakse;

You wouldn’t listen to one damn thing the Maoist had to say.

For the sake of his country,

He and his army destroyed the LTTE.

You on the other hand,

Act like a boy band.

Singing and dancing to the Naxal’s tune,

They make you look like a hapless cartoon.

Francis Induwar died headless,

His wife became husband-less,

His children fatherless,

All you could do was to say that the violence was “senseless”

What bloody Nonsense!!

When ever there is a pest infestation,

It’s time to call in the extermination.

Only you want to indulge these cockroaches,

And they will continue to burn train coaches.

Send the Maoist philosophy back to China,

With a heavy dose of severe heart angina.

If the Naxals want to play war games,

Then send them up in flames.

These cockroaches want to commit homicide,

Blast them with a heavy dose of insecticide.

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