Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Quick, Self-Help Anti Rape Guide

I wanted to write something on rape and the death of the 23 year old in Delhi but then enough has already been written.

The writers,columnists,bloggers,etc have all described in short and tall everything from the brutality of the incident to cursing the police and the politicians to basically How they feel – Sad,Angry,Hurt,etc.

This is what the reactions look like to me :

Man on the street –“Do this,do that”

Police – “We are already doing this and that”

Politicians – “We feel very sad this has happened.We will ensure that the girl gets Justice”

TV Guys – “Who will save this country?Yeh kya ho raha hai?!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

So called practical person – “What is the point of all this noise? Nothing will happen anyway.We will forget soon”

Whatever .

Instead of adding to this Diaspora of justified reactions, I thought I’ll list out a few details which can hopefully help our People and the women in our life to be safer, even its just a little bit.

We can’t depend on the cops to protect us. They’re too busy protecting others *WINK*WINK*. So here’s a quick guide I’ve compiled .Please let the womenfolk in your life know about this.

1.] This is a list of websites from where you can buy Pepper Sprays in India online and at an affordable rate  :

2.]These are videos which guide you on how to attack the most effective body parts and get immediate results in case of an attack .Each video is not longer than 3-4 minutes.

3.]This is a list of phone numbers of helplines(Violence and Suicide) and NGO’s in different cities for counseling and rehabilitation gathered via crowdsourcing.

4.] This is a smartphone Android app called Sentinel developed by an Indian Company for Personal Security.Useful for men and women alike -

5.] The Justice Verma Panel has started work on changing the Indian Anti-Rape laws.If you have suggestions and views please feel free to email the Judge at or via FAX on 011-23092675.(This is now closed)

This list will be updated periodically.Do leave your suggestions and any useful info in the comments thread.
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