Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Team India - Judgement Day

I received this letter from the Hon-her-able Shri Justice Katju :



The Cricket Patriot and authorities concerned,

Sub: One Veggie Delite and heartbreaking losses of the Indian Cricket Team

It is with a sense of great sorrow and immense personal tragedy that I Justice Katju write this letter to you.

Twenty months ago I watched on my TV set the greatest sight an Indian Cricket lover could behold - a World Cup victory after 28 years.

I was extremely happy then. This is my happy face :)

The situation today however has changed drastically. We find this democracy in the midst of a war with itself. Our institutional machinery is crumbling. We are a country bound and shackled by prejudiced thoughts which is single-mindedly leading a once great cricket team to ruin.

And this makes me sad. This is my sad face :(

A rotten corruption infested Cricket Board only interested in the parasitic life sucking IPL money has mortgaged the careers,health,future and well-being of not only the players but the game as well. A thriving cricket loving public is being taken for a ride with their eyeballs found to be useful only for TRP ratings and their hearts being absolutely useless.

We have prostituted our game and this makes me very very sad. This is my very very  sad face :((

In a last ditch effort to save the game I so dearly love I hereby recommend a set of procedures and reforms which must be instituted quickly so that disasters such as those which have happened against England, Australia and most recently Pakistan cease to exist immediately. A complete and total revamp of the Indian Cricket system is due, one that is systematically designed to help the team get back to winning ways with immediate effect .

My recommendations are as follows :

1.]  Any batsman who scores less than 50 runs each match irrespective of past performance should be handed life imprisonment.

2.] Any bowler who takes less than 3 wickets each match or gives more than 30 runs each ODI should be whipped in front of the public and made to beg for his life.

3.] The BCCI board and top brass headed by N.Srinivasan should be held accountable and tried under section 1,2,3,4 ,etc of the IPC till all sections are exhausted by a Supreme Court bench of Senior Judges. If found guilty they must be made to face a firing squad.

4.] Mahendra Singh Dhoni should be made to resign from his post as Captain of the team on moral grounds with immediate effect and should be issued a showcause notice for violating the Constitution of India by leading the team badly resulting in one loss after another.

5.] Mohinder Amarnath should be appointed Chief selector,Chief pitch curator and Coach of the Indian team with immediate effect. The team needs discipline and moral integrity which I believe Mr.Amarnath will instill within the boys.

6.] Duncan Fletcher, current coach of the team should be sacked. Accountability being lost on this individual he should be thoroughly investigated by the Police and CBI for continued performance dissolution. His visa should be cancelled and his passport should be impounded. Till investigation is not over he should be kept in a maximum security prison and treated as a prisoner of war. When found guilty he should be hanged in secrecy much like Kasab.

More than anything we the people of India must reflect on the recent losses of the team and strive to build a better society in which there is respect, accountability and a great passion for the game of cricket. A game in which competitiveness and athletic ability lead to a drive towards victory achieved through fair means. Nothing less than this will make our forefathers proud.

Yours Cricketingly,
Justice Katju.

P.S : After my recommendations are followed I will be extremely delighted and I will be Super Duper Duper Duper Happy. This is what my Super Duper Duper Duper Happy face looks like :)))))))))))))

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