Friday, July 29, 2011

The Ballad Of BS Yeddyurappa - A Poem

Yeddy saw the Iron Ore Ore
He stole it, became a Chor Chor
Sold it, the $$ started to Pour Pour
He made many a Crore Crore

He wanted More More
Became an Iron Whore Whore
The Governor started to Bore Bore
Yeddy attacked with a Gore Gore

There was Blood Blood
Of Allegations there was a Flood Flood
On Yeddy there was thrown Mud Mud
Plans to remove him were a Dud Dud

He sang I am Dabangg,Hud Hud
I am the Stud Stud
Everything is Fine Fine
The Iron is Mine Mine

There was a No Confidence Motion
For that money was the Lotion
The MLA’s were Bought Bought
No one could be Caught Caught

The Congress tried to Scream Scream
To make Yeddy resign was their Dream Dream
They wanted him to fall on his face Flat Flat
They didn’t remember that their Chavan gulped the Adarsh Flat Flat

 Chavan and Yeddy
To resign none was Ready
Yeddy depended on the Brothers Reddy
To keep his Chief Ministership very very Steady

Then came along Justice Hegde
That’s what began Yeddy’s bad Day Day
He screamed “ Help,Mayday,Mayday”
Not being CM anymore meant Canceling Payday

That’s what was written in the Lokayukta Report Report
Yeddy didn’t dare go to Court Court
In Bangalore he wanted to hold Fort Fort

The Media started to Spout Spout
In front of Gadkari, Yeddy decided to show his Clout Clout

He repeated the same Line Line
“I will not Resign Resign”

Finally the time Came Came
For Yeddy things wouldn’t be the Same Same
There was a lot of Drama Drama
Yeddy went to the Temple and shouted “Rama,Rama”

Neither Rama nor Krishna heard his Cry Cry
All Yeddy could do was Try Try
Yeddy’s Bheja was getting Fry Fry
His options were getting Dry Dry

Yeddy started to Yell Yell
Losing the chair was Hell Hell
But the time had Come Come
Yeddy in despair needed the Rum Rum

There was no Choice Choice
No one heard his Voice Voice
All his rants were just Noise Noise

As he waved the ‘V’ Sign Sign
All he could do was Resign Resign

Later Yeddy came and met Me
He asked me Sadly Sadly
Why he was forced to resign so Badly Badly?

“You fool” I Said Said
“Get this into your Head Head”

It was not Kumaraswamy who made you Resign

It was not the Reddy Brothers who made you Resign
It was not the Congress who made you Resign
It was not the Governor who made you Resign
It was not the BJP high command that made you Resign

Heck,it wasn’t even JUSTICE HEDGE who made you Resign

The only one who made YOU resign was YOU!!

You shouldn’t have stolen the Ore
Instead You kept saying “Yeh Dil Maange More”


You want to blame someone for losing Your Chair?
Look no further than the one in the mirror You Stare.

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