Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Greatness Is Coming To The Hindustan Times

Dear Worshippers,

I will be doing a weekly column on Wednesdays for the Hindustan Times Brunch website. Deve Gowda just called me and said that he can't wait to read my Legendary words there also. Please follow in Deve Gowda's footsteps.He is a Great really.....He was even PM of India .

Also,these HT fellows have called me a 'DemiGod' and even insinuated that I am that bastard  called Fake Jhunjhunwala.Grrrrrr,Bloody Fellows.

1.) I am the only Jhunjhunwala. Ask Deve Gowda also.

2.) By calling me a "Demigod" HT has deeply insulted ME. I am not a demigod,I am a full Blown God.Ask Ganesha also.Now that I am on HT  shall make them pay for insulting ME.

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