Monday, May 23, 2011

Progression : A Poem

The UPA's second rule
Was supposed to be cool.

But the common man is simply a tool,
Someone to be thought of as a fool.

Today they sit in Delhi celebrating 2 years of their second reign,
Trying to be unaware of everyone’s pain.

In the time they've been there,
Take a look at what we've had to bear:

Ashok Chavan steals flats,
He lies and hides the facts.
He was supposed to be the Chief Minister,
Instead he ended up an Adarsh trickster;
We can now call him a THIEF MINISTER.
Those flats belong to the Army,
If I were a Soldier he'd grab my home and harm me.

This fellow's task was to organize the Commonwealth Games,
Instead he played his own Wealth Games.
He's hidden the money well and gone to prison.
Stealing the country's money is nothing short of treason.
His name is Suresh Kalmadi,
Making him organize the CWG was a monumental tragedy.

Lalit Bhanot is his deputy,
His definition of the "standard" is a beauty.
Paisa kha kha ke Lalit Mota ho Gaya.
Lo ji! Desh ka Maal phir se chori ho Gaya .

Then there is Andimuthu Raja,
2G Spectrum ka Maharaja.
How many in Tamil Nadu starve without any money?
While his Dr.Kalaignar gorges on the finest honey?

Today the DMK is angry that their Kani is in jail,
Because Ram Jethmalani couldn't get her bail.
They don't care that she stole India’s money,
Forget Kanimozhi, we can all call her Kani-money.

The United Progressive Alliance.
I see unity and I see an alliance.
But the only Progression,
Is a hardcore Combination,
Of soul sucking Inflation ,
And as always of good old Corruption.

It took this man to stop eating
To remind them to stop cheating!

Kapil Sibal is breast beating,
He'll do anything to ensure the Lokpal's defeating.

CD's are made by Amar Singh,
Phone calls are gotten by Digvijay Singh ,
Now you know why Singh is King.

This isn't just a rant against the UPA,
I haven't forgotten the NDA.
I still remember the Coffin Scam,
+ The IC814 Clusterf^ck,
+ Gujarat

It’s impossible to forget 26/ 11,
The only thing he does is "condemn" 24/7

The Americans went into Pakistan,
Swooping in like Shaktimaan,
They smashed Osama,
Because that bold decision was made by Obama.

We on the other hand can't even hang a Kasab
Or an Afzal Guru.

Kyunki darr hain inko
Na jaane kya ho jaaye shuru?!!!

Saalon tum sab darte raho,
Aur darr hatane ke liye Mountain Dew peete raho.
Darr Mein Hi Chalo,
Aur Chunlu Bhar Paani Mein Doob Maro.
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